1ink.cc is a free tool that help freelancers to make money by promoting their shortened URLs.
We also rent our web pages for advertisers.

Account & Privacy
- You must keep your account private. Do not share your password.
- This website has rights to close your account anytime.
- We backup your 1ink.cc account in realtime. But no warranty, no guarantee.

Chopping URLs
- Chopping means shortening a long URL (web address/link) to short form.
- We allow everyone to chop their URLs and get a shorten link which will start with “http://1ink.cc/“ text part.
- You can use 1ink.cc to short any type of links.

Sharing Chopped URLs
- You can share your chopped URLs everywhere and earn real money when people reach your long URL.
- To earn more money, you can include our Ad-code inside your web page.

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